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Deka Events - Good? Bad? What Are They Like? And An Exciting Announcement!

*Disclosure - we are in no way, shape, or form connected to Spartan Race or Dekafit (aside from participating in their events). The information below is pure, honest, personal opinion.*

For those who don't know, Dekfit is a Spartan Race brand. It's essentially a fitness competition. The exercises, weights, and distances are all standardized so that you can accurately compare a previous performance to a new one.

I'll be honest, when I first heard of Dekafit, I thought it was a desperate move from Spartan to capture the Hyrox audience. I say desperate, because it seemed quickly thrown together when they first announced it. Now, Dekafit is the big event (like a Spartan Race) and due to C19 (virus thing, you know) there weren't many actual Dekafit events, and even now, there aren't many in 2022. However, there are smaller events that are held at gyms across the country called Deka Strong and Deka Mile. They are both modified versions of the full-scale Dekafit competition, and those events are what we'll be talking about primarily today.

This year there will be a Dekafit, Deka Strong, and Deka Mile World Championship for 2022, so we thought it was time to post about the events and hopefully draw some more people to them - not to help the Spartan or Deka brands, but because they are really fun competitions, and we have already met a ton of really great people because of these events.

Watch the video below to see an awesome performance as our primary Hybrid Coach Luke crushed the Deka Strong back in February with a time of 12:58 (currently 13th on the Global Leader Board).

Deka Strong is made up of 10 different stations (they call them Zones). They are:

1: Ram Roller Reverse Lunges x 30 (15 each leg)

2: 500 Meter Row

3: Box Step/Jump Overs x 20

4: Med Ball Sit Ups x 25

5: 500 Meter Ski Erg

6: 100 Meter Dumbbell Farmer's Carry

7: 25 Calories Air Bike

8: Slam Ball Over Shoulder x 20

9: 100 Meter Tank Push & Pull

10: 20 Ram Roller Burpees

Then we have the Deka Mile. The Deka mile is exactly the same as the Deka Strong EXCEPT for one very important difference. You start your race with a 1/10 mile run, and you complete an additional 1/10 mile run between each Zone until you've completed 10 (a mile cumulatively). This means that you come off of your last run and go straight into your Ram Roller Burpees to finish the event. You can watch me tackle a Deka Mile from this past weekend. Slower than my best time, but I put my full effort into it.

As far as cost goes, Deka Strong is $39. The Deka Mile is typically $49. Those are actually pretty solid prices compared to many of the competitions we do in OCR. You get a t-shirt (they run a size small in my experience, just FYI) and a medal. They post your score/time up on a global leader board so you can see your time versus others in your age group, gender, or overall.

If you're someone who loves all-around fitness and hanging out with like-minded people and having fun competing, these events are 100% worth your time. I've grown to like them a lot, and I'm going to keep doing them.

Now is the time, as the article creator, where I get to plug something cool that we're doing over here. Trio Fitness Training is partnering up with Z-FIT to host an awesome Hybrid Competition in Raleigh, NC on October 2nd called The Raleigh Rush. I highly recommend you sign up! A lot of the events involved in this competition are ones athletes in the OCR and Hybrid world are familiar with! It's going to be an awesome event to test your fitness and enjoy time with other athletes! Did I mention the 1st place Male and Female athletes walk away with $250 each? Click on the logo below to visit the signup page.

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