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Dating Tips For OCR Athletes

We spoke with a relationship expert to give us some insight on how you single, mud crawling, pain enduring, wild people might go about appearing normal on a date. We've shared their insight below.

1: When you go on a date, make sure you bring at least one back-up credit card if you're the one paying for the meal/event. Lord knows you've already maxed out at least one credit card this year paying for the plethora of Obstacle Races you have planned, and it would be embarrassing to have your significant other find out.

2: It's better if you don't mention anything about your scars from being ripped open by barbwire, or the bruises on your arms and legs. In fact, the expert we spoke to recommended that you avoid talk of injuries or how tough you are for finishing the final five miles on a sprained ankle. Save it until at least the 10th date.

3: No matter how interested you are in this person, we all know that you have to get up early in the morning to train, so make sure you choose dates that won't last too late into the evening. Sleep is too important to neglect.

4: NEVER, EVER tell your date that they are the most important thing in the world to you. First of all, it's too soon. Secondly, it will always be too soon, because after they find out about your love for OCR, they are GOING to ask, "You mean it? I'm more important than OCR's?" This is the end. You're stuck at this point. You know you can't say, "yes" with any amount of sincerity, and if you say lost either way. Don't let this stupid mistake happen to you! Avoid the topic altogether!

5: Finally, be sure you eat BEFORE you go on your date. Dates are for getting to know the other person. It's usually done over a meal because it's an enjoyable and tasty environment! However, neither party wants to be the one ordering $100 worth of pasta, beef, and desserts to meet their fuel needs for the training they did today, and the training they'll do tomorrow. Eating ahead of time will ensure you are fueled up, that you don't burn through your precious cash supply (which we already determined you don't have thanks to OCR), and that you aren't stuffing your face during the meal and can actually pay attention to your date.

There you have it! With any ounce of luck...actually, with a LOT of might just have a shot; that is, until your date sees your phone background of you sludging through mud with a Home Depot bucket on your shoulder. Oh well!

If you want us to stay away from giving dating advice, keep us in our current jobs by checking out our OCR Training Programs.

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