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3 Less-common Grip Strength Exercises

You've heard it once, and now maybe you're hearing it twice: Grip strength is essential for OCR. Let's look at 3 exercises that you could be doing to help your grip strength!

Hand-over-hand Sled Rows:

Not only does this help develop great grip strength, it's also a great exercise overall for strength and conditioning (depending on the weight and speed at which you work). On top of those fantastic realities we also have the fact that many OCRs have a plate drag similar to this, so you get great practice for that obstacle as well!

Towel Deadhangs/Pullups:

Go cheap and build a strong upper body while working on your grip strength using a/some towels. You can use 1 towel or 2 towels depending on how strong you are currently.

TRX Rows (Single Arm Especially):

This is a two hand or one hand exercise. With either variation, your grip is being taxed the entire time. There are a lot of TRX exercises you can do to help with grip strength, but this one should be a main option for pulling strength added into that grip work.

If you start using these exercises, in any fashion or form, they WILL help build your grip strength and make you that much better at OCR! If you'd like to get some more info on ways to build grip strength, you can watch the Coach 'n Coffee video below or purchase our Grip Gains workout program (also below).


20 Grip Training Workouts

This “Grip Gains” program was created for one reason: to give you the grip strength and skills required to ensure 100% obstacle completion. No more burpees, bands cut, or obstacles skipped!


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