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You Voted! Top 3 Spartan Races Of All Time!

Thank you to everyone who voted! It was NOT a close race for 1st place, but 2nd and 3rd were very close!

The top 3 Spartan Race events of all time are.....

1st Place:

2014 Killington Beast

Here's why it was voted #1:

"The birth place of Spartan races."
"Featured a platinum rig, water obstacles, brutal pacing, all the best of classic Spartan."
"My first Beast. That mountain still holds my soul!"
"One of the hardest and best spartan races there has ever been, period."
"Brutal race, gorgeous location. This was also back when a high percentage of people finishing was15% overall."

2nd Place:

2019 Carolina's Ultra Beast

Here's why it was voted #2:

"One of the hardest but most rewarding races. If I can survive that, I can survive anything!"
"I've only been participating in Spartan races since 2018, so I haven't been a part of the older, "classic" Spartan races. However, the 2019 Carolinas Ultra is a modern legend. Stretcher jobs all over and experienced athletes being laid low by the extreme weather that day. The best races should ALWAYS have success be a question mark and not an assurance. Spartan's credo is "earned not given" those who crossed the finish line to earn their buckle that day truly earned it."
"This race had it all! The whole course was caked in water and mud. The hills were so slick it was nearly impossible to traverse them. Stage 1 hypothermia was everyone’s prize. Plus, I saw a dude in a spider man leotard with the rear ended ripped out! What more could you ask for?"
"Absolutely Brutal! I EARNED that medal! The toughest athletic feat I have ever completed."
"Conditions no one was prepared for- insane DNF rate."

3rd Place:

2014 Wintergreen Super

Here's why it was voted #3:

"It was epic. First season of Spartan recording their races for NBC. The mountain was covered in a thick fog, and if you know the legend of wintergreen, it is an unforgiving mountain. Several death marches before they stopped having Norm design the course."
"The fog, the climbs, the duel between Hunter and Bear."
"Barbed Wire Crawl"
"The uphill climbs!"
"My first Spartan Race ever.... the log carry, tire drag, fog, mud, climbs, climbs, climbs."

Thank you again to everyone who voted and gave us these quotes! These were some EPIC courses! I had the pleasure of being at the Carolina's and Wintergreen races and I definitely agree that they should be in the top 3 of all time! There seems to be an obvious theme that the harder the race, the more people like it. Let's hope Spartan has a new all time favorite planned for in 2021!


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