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The Master List of OCR Facebook Groups

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

One of the parts that people love most about OCR is the community. In 2020, we lost a bit of that community when races were cancelled across most of the board. However, a great way to stay in touch with other OCR athletes all the time is through the dozens of facebook groups dedicated to OCR. We've put together a massive list of these groups (not an exhaustive list) for those who would like to connect more for specific events, regions, or whatever!

We hope you find this helpful, and that you are able to make more connections and learn more in OCR! If you know of other groups that you think would be beneficial to others, just tag them in the comments!

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Ultra Distance Groups:

European Groups:


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Canadian Groups:

East Coast USA:

West Coast USA:

Asia, Australia, New Zealand:

Savage Race:

Tough Mudder:





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