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The Big List of Small OCR's 2023 (USA)

Updated: Mar 12

We ran this list last year for all of the small/local obstacle course races occurring in 2022. Now we've updated it for 2023! We try to attend local OCRs because they are very fun, typically inexpensive, and frequently very creative with their courses and obstacles. We highly recommend you try some of these events!

Last year, we asked you all to tell us about races we missed on our list. You all did an amazing job, and over the course of about a week after the article was posted we added at least 20 more races to the list. If you know of any small local obstacle course races that have events in 2023 in the USA, that aren't on this list, please comment and tell us; we'll get it added ASAP.

*NOTE* We spent at least 8 hours looking up all these races and making sure they had 2023 events to put this list together. There is an app called OCR Buddy (we don't work with them, but know the owner/creator and he's awesome) that has an almost exhaustive list of OCR events happening everywhere in the country. It's free to download and we highly recommend you use it because it will save you a ton of time. So why did we put this list together? Simple. Many of you won't download the app (and that's okay), but we still want you to know about, and get to, local OCR's.

The list is alphabetical by state.


Barbarian Challenge (June 17 - Gadsden, AL)

Murder Creek Mud Run (August 12 - Brewton, AL)

Mustang Mud Run (April 15 - Madison, AL)

Tuscaloosa Gauntlet (April 1 - Tuscaloosa, AL)


Horseshoe Bend OCR (April 22 - Lake Powell, AZ)


Grit OCR (April 29 - Santa Clarita, CA)

Lord's Gym Mud Run (TBD 2023 - Oroville, CA)

Shasta Mud Run (May 13 - Redding, CA)

Zero Dark Thirty (Jan 30 - Camp Pendleton, CA)


Cerus Bolt (September 16 - La Salle, CO)

Big Dog Brag, The Colorado Mud Run (July 8, Colorado Springs, CO)


Gaylord Gauntlet (June 24 - Wallingford, CT)


NativeX Obstacle Fitness Race (January 28 - Tequesta, FL)

Titan Run Tactical Titan Obstacle Run (January 28 - Dover, FL)

Your First Mud Run (January 21 - Naples, FL)

Seamark Mud Run (April 22 - Green Cove Springs, FL)


Muddy Duck Dash (April 22 - Oakwood, GA)


Frontline OCR (May 27 - Byron, IL)

Highlander Assault (May 13 - Holiday Hills, IL)

The Trails Challenge YOUTH Obstacle Course Race (October TBD, Mount Prospect, IL)


Hollis Adams Mud Run (June 24 - Indianapolis, IN)


Gimme S'more Mud Run (September 23 - Boone, IA)

Gladiator Assault Challenge (May 20-21 - Boone, IA)


The Yeti Winter Obstacle Course (January 28 - Bonner Springs, KS)

Wichita Gladiator Dash (June 3 - Wichita, KS)


The Challenge Race 2023 (April 29 - Mackville, KY)


Defenders of Liberty Mud Run (April 22 - Shreveport, LA)


The Wicked Muddy Mainer (July 15 - Holden, ME)

Tough Mountain Challenge (July 22 - Newry, ME)


For Sure Adventure Run (May 20 - Huntington, MI)


Got Mud? Run (August 26 - Republic, MO)

Mythic Race (April 14&15 - Benton, MO)

St. Joseph Outlaw Adventure Run (April 1 - Saint Joseph, MO)

Valentine's Day Massacre OCR (February 12 - Hazelwood, MO)



Stomp Out Addiction Mud Run (TBD - Hastings, NE)

New Hampshire:

Thunder Run 5K Obstacle Course (TBD - Candia, NH)

New Jersey:

Goliathon (June 3 - Mullica Hill, NJ)

Summit Challenge (TBD October - New Providence, NJ)

New Mexico:

New York:

Bad Apple Mud Run (TBD - Lyndonville, NY)

Daniel Barden Mud Fest (May 6 - Deansboro, NY)

Finger Lakes Mud Run (September 16 - Auburn, NY)

Holiday Valley Mud Slide (June 17 - Ellicotville, NY)

Newbsanity: Mud Gauntlet (May 13 - Binghamption, NY)

Newbsanity: Night Ops Challenge (January 21 - Binghamption, NY)

Obstacle Wonderland - Gold Rush Race (March 19 - Wallkill, NY)

TugMudDare (May 13 - Turin, NY)

Viking Obstacle Race (June 11 - Greenville, NY)

North Carolina:

Dirty Dozen 5K Obstacle Mud Run (September 16 - Clemmons, NC)

Dragon Obstacle Course Race (TBD - Raleigh, NC)

Marine Corps League Mud Run (June 23 - Pinnacle, NC)

Myrtle Beast Terrain Race (March 11 - Myrtle Beach, NC)

Rogue Alpha Rush (May 20, Sanford, NC)

Tackle The Tar (May 19-20 - Rocky Mount, NC)

The Bear Crawl OCR (May 6 - Morganton, NC)

Tuck Fest (April 21-23 - Charlotte, NC)

North Dakota:


Beat of The East Fork (June 3 - Cincinnati, OH)

Rough and Rugged Race (September 3 - Millersburg, OH)

The Guantlet Mud Run (July 29 - Greenville, OH)

WarX (June 24 & 25 - Thurman, OH)


Brave The Mud Run (August 19 - Poteau, OK)

Conquer The Gauntlet (September 2 - Bixby, OK)

Orphan Love Mud Run (TBD - Ada, OK)


Dirty Leprechaun (March 11 - Portland, OR)

My Muddy Valentine (February 11 - Portland, OR)


Barber Beast On The Bay (September 9 - Erie, PA)

Bone Frog Challenge (September 2 - Lancaster, PA)

Maple Madness - Mud, Sweat, & Syrup (March 25 - Warren Center, PA)

WPAL Wicked Warrior (July 23 - DuBois, PA)

Rhode Island:

BoldrDash (TBD - North Kingstown, RI)

F.I.T. Challenge (April 15 - Cumberland, RI)


Hardship Hill OCR (May 29 - Kingston, TN)


ASCO Spartacus Dash (May 27 - Belton, TX)

March Madness Mud Run (TBD - Thomas Falls, TX)

Padre Jailbreak Beach Run (May 20 - South Padre Island, TX)

Texas Warrior Mudout (April 15 - Midland, TX)

T.H.O.R. - Texoma Hellacious Obstacle Run (April 29 - Texoma, TX)


Helgramite Hustle Mud Run (August 19, Axton VA)

Mad Anthony Mud Run (February 25, Waynesboro, VA)


Miners Mud Run (July 1 - Cle Elum, WA)


Abominable Snow Race (January 28 - Lake Geneva, WI)

Mukwonago YMCA Mud Run (June 24 - Mukwonago, WI)


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