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Less-Well-Known, Multi-Event OCRs (USA)

If you've competed in obstacle course racing, it is very likely that you've heard of Spartan Race and Tough Mudder. It's also pretty likely that you've heard about Rugged Maniac and Savage Race. There are other OCRs in the USA that host multiple events each year, and they may be worth trying! For our purposes, we used a 4-race minimum.

Let us know in the comments if we missed any. Our list is in alphabetical order. The information listed about each event is as of Dec 2022.

City Challenge Obstacle Race

Number of events 2023: 4

Locations: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut

Price: $49 - $75

Mud Girl

Number of events 2023: 20

Locations: Arizona, California, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Connecticut, New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois

Price: $30 - $89

Mud Factor

Number of events 2023: 10

Locations: California, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Nebraska, Missouri, Alaska

Price: $45 - $75

Muddy Dash

Number of events 2023: 24

Locations: California, Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, Idaho, Oregon, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia

Price: $0.00 + Fees

Muddy Princess

Number of events 2023: 19

Locations: Florida, Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, California, Georgia, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, Missouri

Price: $49 - $89

OCR Overload

Number of events 2023: 6

Locations: Waldo, FL

Price: $39 - $100

Phoenix Race OCR

Number of events 2023: 6

Locations: Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama

Price: $49 - $95

Terrain Race

Number of events 2023: 27

Locations: California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Virginia, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Oregan, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada

Price: $0.00 + Fees

Your First Mud Run

Number of events 2022 (2023 TBD): 4

Locations: New Jersey, Connecticut, North Carolina

Price: $53 - $63


It's time to take the leap into 'ULTRA OCR'. Whether you want to simply complete your first Spartan Ultra, or plan to hit World's Toughest Mudder in the future, this program will be tailored to you. Coach Joel is the primary coach for this program. On top of Pro/Elite podiums at Savage Race, Bone Frog, Terrain Race, and multiple local OCR's, Joel has Elite podiums at Spartan Ultras and Ultra trail races.

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