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The Best Shoes For Hyrox 2024

Updated: 6 days ago

We released a survey and 70 Hyrox athletes shared which shoes are best for Hyrox. THANK YOU to everyone who provided feedback! Obviously, we couldn't have put together this information without you.

display photo of shoes for hyrox

The goal of the survey, and this article, isn't to tell you which shoe to buy, but to give you some options to test; options that other Hyrox athletes have found reliable. There are DOZENS of shoe brands, and hundreds of models. We're simply narrowing down the options so that you don't have to do more research or waste more money trying out multiple brands and models.

QUESTION 1: Which BRAND AND MODEL of shoe do you PRIMARILY use for Hyrox races and Hyrox training? (If you don't include the BRAND AND MODEL we won't include your answer. We understand that you may use more than one brand/model, but which is your primary/favorite?)

graph that shows top shoes for hyrox

Unfortunately, 11 of the 70 athletes who answered this question completely ignored the instructions with the question and made it impossible for us to determine what specific brand and model they use. For reference, the question above is copied and pasted from the survey - bold and capitalized text included. Regardless, the data that we were able to collect is clear. Puma Deviate Nitro shoes are by far the top choice from this portion of the Hyrox population. Saucony's Endorphin Pro line is doing okay, and Brooks has a few different models being used. All brands/models not listed only had 1 vote.

QUESTION 2: What are the TOP 3 things you consider when purchasing your race/training shoe for Hyrox? SELECT ONLY 3. (We understand that many things go into the choices you make, but please just go with the Top 3 most important for you.)

graph for hyrox shoe purchases

Comfort, of course, is HUGE. It's in second place, and I'm surprised that Grip/Tread was the top reason why athletes chose shoes. Honestly, I thought Comfort or Quality/Durability would be near the top. As it turns out, most people in Hyrox DO NOT care much about the quality and durability of the least not much more than several other things. You learn something new every day...


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QUESTION 3: How much money are you generally comfortable spending on a pair of shoes for Hyrox racing/training? (Amounts listed are in USA Dollars. We're USA based; sorry)

graph for cost of hyrox shoes

We ran a similar survey for athletes competing in Obstacle Course Racing this year. I'm actually surprised. This year, from the 250 athletes we surveyed, more than half said they'd pay up to $150 with 55 athletes pulling below $100. For Hyrox though, the vast majority are willing to spend up to, and over, $150 for a pair of shoes. For better or worse, top brands and "top shoes" cost a lot of money. Especially if they feature "new technology". Shoes are expensive.

That's it! Thanks for reading. We'll likely relaunch the survey in mid 2025, and hopefully we'll get more responses and a better overall picture of the top shoes in Hyrox. When we started a similar annual survey for OCR shoes back in 2019, we had something like 50 responses, and now we've gone as high as 400, so there is a lot of room for improvement and more complete data!

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