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Camp Gladiator Games 2023

I was supposed to compete in the CG Games this year, but a work injury a few days prior to the event put an end to that. However, I did go and watch Luke, one of our athletes, and a bunch of friends, compete. I have to say, it was pretty awesome!

Luke is a 2x Team CG Games Champion, but this was his first year competing as an individual. In the end, he took 5th place which is a solid finish at a very competitive event (below you can find videos from all of Luke's events).

HUGE shoutout to one of our athletes, Catherine, who competed in the team events. Her team won 4/4 team events, and placed 2nd in the final event!

There was a men's team with a bunch of friends on it competing as well, and they worked hard all day long and came through and finished strong in the final event for 3rd place. Congrats to them!

Before we get to the event videos, I just want to say that, as someone closely spectating from start to finish, I think Camp Gladiator did a fantastic job with this event. No event is perfect, and they ran behind once or twice, and the timing system took a while to update standings, but they pulled it all together and I think they did well as a whole.






Maybe see you next year at the Camp Gladiator Games :D

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