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So You Want To Do A Spartan Sprint: Part II

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

If you didn’t read Part I yet, you should go and do that once you finish this article! In Part II we’ll be going over the training you’ll need to do for three more obstacles you’re likely to encounter when doing a Spartan Sprint. We’re also going to devote some time to the cardiovascular training that will help you to both get through the race and also lower the time it takes for you to finish the race.

Number 1: The Hercules Hoist

What You’ll Need:

⦁ Back strength ⦁ Bicep\forearms strength

How to train for it:

Lat Pull-down: Lat pull-downs are great for building back strength. The focus is placed on the lats with this exercise and the pulling angle is extremely similar to that of the Hercules Hoist. Doing 4 sets of lat pull downs with a rep range of 8-10, 3 times each week will help you build the strength you need. Keep in mind that the bag that men hoist is between 80-100lbs and for women it’s between 40-60lbs. If you’re able to reach those numbers or higher in your workout, you’ll have a strong chance when you face the obstacle!

Reverse Barbell Curl: This exercise is the ‘double whammy’ for building both biceps and forearm strength. Each muscle group plays a huge part in the pulling process for the Hercules Hoist. As has been the trend, a rep range from 8-12 or his exercise will develop strength. Go with four sets to burn the muscles out and perform this exercise 2-3 times each week.

Number 2: The Bucket Brigade

What You’ll Need:

⦁ Grip strength ⦁ Endurance (carrying weight)

How to train for it:

Farmer’s Walk/Carries: This obstacle requires you to carry a lot of weight and will test your grip. Farmer’s Walks are great for developing both of these. When you’re holding the dumbbells focus on keeping your shoulders at the same level they are normally. Don’t let the weight pull them down. This will help develop your traps and as you hold the dumbbells you’ll feel your grip weakening; keep on going as long as you can without dropping them. Do 4 sets 2-3 times a week.

Weighted ball step-ups: Shoot for a 15lb ball if you’re able to use that much weight safely. Hold the ball out in front of you at stomach height and try not to hold it against your stomach as you do it. This is going to build arm strength, leg strength, and endurance. Do 15 reps with each leg. 2 times a week with 4 sets is going to leave you aching and enhance your performance for the Bucket Brigade.

Number 3 The Atlas Carry

What you’ll need:

⦁ Lifting strength

How to train for it:

Deadlift: The ‘atlas’ is a very heavy round stone. The men have to lift a heavier one then the women, but both a still very heavy. You will need to develop your lifting strength and practice good form to prevent injury by doing deadlifts in the gym. 4-5 sets of deadlifts 2-3 times a week will significantly help you when you face this challenge. Remember that proper form is extremely important when performing any exercise, and especially when doing deadlifts.

Cardiovascular Training: A Spartan Sprint ranges from 3-5 miles in length. That’s a lot of feet. If you never do any running, you will struggle physically to complete the race and all of the obstacles. Adding 20-30 minutes of cardio (specifically jogging for a Spartan Race) will help you on race day. Ideally you should be hit the 30 minutes mark 3 times a week. If you can go longer or run 4 days each week, go for it! It isn’t going to do anything but improve your ability to crush the Spartan Sprint!

Closing Thoughts: Now that you know some of the obstacles and how to train for them…get to it!

When you complete your first race, I’d love to see a photo of you with your medal at the finish line so post them on our blog page so we can all cheer on your hard work!

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