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New Spartan Obstacles 2023

New Spartan obstacles in 2023?!?! YES! This is a much needed update from them. Spartan doesn't come out with new obstacles often and some of the newer ones are kind some of these actually look like fun! Here are a few that may, or may not, show up on courses in 2023. For more information, check the following Instagram pages: Spartan Race, The OCR Report, Inside OCR, Obstacle Racing Media.

TOP LEFT: A variation of monkey bars where the bars move in two sections as you cross them. This one looks like a lot of fun! It's definitely going to add a fun new dynamic and requires a decent amount of functional grip strength.

TOP RIGHT: Spear Throw variation. Instead of the Spear having to stick in a hay bale or foam target, it hits a gong-type object that makes an audible sound. Definitely some pros and cons to this one. Overall this is an upgrade because now athletes have to be more accurate when they throw and ideally it will remove and uncertainty of whether the spear hit correctly or if it stuck. Another benefit is that athletes who run later in the day won't have to use a target that is absolutely mutilated which makes it harder for the spear to stick.

BOTTOM LEFT: Laser Pistol. This is supposed to only be at 3K format races for Elite series...something like that. Will it show up at regular events? We'll see. Honestly, this doesn't seem that exciting and was only added to help OCR get into the Olympics. It will definitely be a challenge but seems kind of random overall.

BOTTOM RIGHT: Pretty much A-frame Monkey Bars. According to one thing we read, feet are allowed. The idea behind this obstacle is solid but allowing people to use their feet really makes it boring. The goal is for obstacles to be challenging... and if you can't complete an obstacle then you should strive to improve and complete it at a future event. Using feet on this one will make it too easy overall.

We'll see what actually ends up happening, which obstacles make it to the masses, and how things change in 2023 for Spartan Race!


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