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OCR Home Gyms

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

What training equipment do you have in your OCR home gym? Did you set things up in the yard, basement, garage, or a room in your house or apartment?

We decided to film some short videos of our home gyms and the fitness equipment we have and roughly what it cost us to put together.

Luke's Home Gym:

Joel's Home Gym (soon to be):

Obviously, you should choose items for your home gym based on your goals! If your goal isn't to build a lot of strength, then you may not need a full barbell set and rack. However, if your goal IS building a lot of strength and you are less cardio focused, then do buy a barbell set and rack, and forego a stationary bike or rower.

I HIGHLY recommend that you shop around when looking for fitness equipment. The 50lb Kettlebell I just bought was $70 on Amazon (the lowest price by far that I could find...even compared to used ones). I checked on craigslist, FB marketplace, and at other retail stores before going with the $70 one on Amazon. In the video, I mentioned that I got my TRX for half price even though it was brand new...never opened. That's because I shopped around and found someone on craigslist who never used it and wanted to get rid of it. Always shop around!

Your gym could be as simple as a few dumbbells and bands or it might be a full weight rack with pullup bars and barbells and cable pullies and so on! Maybe you can afford a rower and an air bike, or maybe you just have an inexpensive stationary bike like I do. No matter what, as long as you are using good programming and putting in hard work, you Will make progress. Certain tools are helpful, so find them where you can, but get to work either way!

Our top fitness equipment picks:

Weight Vest (Amazon)

TRX (Amazon)

Kettlebell (Amazon)

We'd love to see your home gyms, so share in the comments, add a photo, or share the link to a video! Keep up the training!


Check out our OCR Training Programs! Our programs are customized to fit your specific race goals, current fitness level, and equipment/time availability!

Featured Program:

3 Workouts Per Week

The Hybrid Athlete program is designed to improve your performance specifically for events like DekaFit. Hybrid athletes fit between Obstacle Course Racing and CrossFit. These athletes are the perfect mix of Strength, Speed, and Endurance.

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