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7 Exercises to crush the OCR obstacles!

Let's get real, everyone that participates in Obstacle Course Races wants to have 100% obstacle completion. Unfortunately, that's not always how things go down. Sometimes it's simply a bad day on the course because of mud, rain, cold, ect but most of the time, it's because we need to do better to properly prepare to complete obstacles. Even if you are in the worst shape of your life right now and have a long way to go, you can still do your best to improve your strength and work toward 100% obstacle completion. It may not happen during your next race, or even 10 races from now, but if you stay consistent, you will progress and overtime your hard work will pay off. #nofailedobstacles

Whether you are running competitively or just to have fun, you know that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you fail an obstacle and either have to try again until you succeed or give up or do the burpee penalty (depending on the race). Here are 7 exercises, for a variety of fitness levels, that will help improve your upper body/grip strength for the majority of obstacles you'll find at OCR events. #GRIPGAINS

Inverted Row

Lat Pull Down

Towel Single Arm Hammer Curl

Pull Up

Hanging Grip Switch

Hanging Shuffle

Double Towel Hanging Grip Switch

Give these exercises a try! If you train with them properly/consistently, you'll notice a drastic improvement with your grip strength and overall obstacle completion during Obstacle Course Races!

If you have any questions about the training info in this article, please feel free to reach out to us! Email us at


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