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Will You Pay For Spartan/Tough Mudder Photos? (POLL)

No doubt you've heard, and if you haven't, here it is: Spartan Race and Tough Mudder are expected to charge for race photos in 2024. If you want photos you'll be charged $30+ (depending on the package) for photos of you from the event if you choose to purchase said photos.

So the question is: WILL YOU PAY FOR PHOTOS? We'll compile the results of this poll and share them afterwards so we can see where the community stands overall with the change. Be sure to press the "Submit" button below to have your response recorded.

Now that you've voted, let me place my vote publicly: I, Joel Hayes, will not be paying for race photos from Spartan Race or Tough Mudder. I have already raced in dozens of Spartans, and done something like 100 OCRs...I don't need more photos.

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Jan 03

Season Pass holders were promised free HD photos to encourage us to buy the Season Pass which included Spartan plus either free or at 50% off. Now they are telling us we have to pay after the contract is signed. Sounds like breach of contract. No will not pay for the photos.

Jan 07
Replying to

That certainly sounds like a bate and switch, and that is very dishonest business practice.

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