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Top 3 Favorite Obstacles From 6 Races (What 50 OCR Athletes Think)

We wanted to look at 6 of the big race companies in the USA and see which obstacles people thought were the Top 3 from each company. As such, we put out a survey online and had 50 anonymous respondents provide their thoughts. The results are below! If you feel they got it wrong, comment and let us know which obstacles you would have put in the top three for each race series.

Let's face it, these are great obstacles! Coming in 4th was the Tyrolean Traverse and there was a tie at 5th place between the Spear Throw and Olympus.

Sawtooth is such a great obstacle! It's probably pretty likely that it was the favorite because it is quite challenging, and people feel an extreme sense of accomplishment for completing it. Coming in 4th place was the Savage Rig, and Davy Jones Locker was 5th.


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The votes were much more spread out for this race series, which is why the top three have such low vote totals. In 4th and 5th place were Megatron and Great Wall of America.

Just like with Conquer The Gauntlet above, the responses were super spread out, which is why we have 3rd place with only 4 votes. Dirty Name came in 4th, and then there was a four-way tie for 5th place between Cargo Net, Rope Climb, Walk The Plank, and Get A Grip.

Pretty clear wins all around for these Top 3 at Tough Mudder. In 5th place was Leap Of Faith, and in 4th was Mud Mile 2.0.

Finishing off the list, Warp Wall was the top dog for Rugged Maniac. In 4th place was Barzan, and in 5th place was a tie between Launch Pad and Mount Maniac.

Thanks for reading! Keep your eyes out in the future for a survey in which we'll be asking OCR participants to choose their Top 5 OVERALL obstacles out of the 18 Top 3 obstacles listed in this article.


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