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Savage Race, Maryland Weekend - Race Recap

The Savage Pro race on Saturday, and the Savage Blitz Pro wave on Sunday...I mean...what a fun and exciting set of races! Instead of writing about them, I'll let you WATCH them (courtesy of Savage Race's live video coverage).

Saturday's Savage Pro Race:

The showdown begins at 16:42 - *if you hear them say 'Seth' they are talking about Joel...they mixed the names up a few times.

Sunday's Savage Blitz Pro Race:

The battle is shown starting at 27:20.

Both races came down to the very last second. It was intense, and extremely fun. On Saturday, I got the best of Tyler by finishing the last obstacle faster and crossing the finish line just 1 second ahead of him. On Sunday though, he stayed just in front of me almost the ENTIRE race, and I just couldn't find enough to pass him. I thought I would get through the last obstacle faster than I did, but if it weren't for him simply missing the bell at the end, he would have taken 3rd - he had me beat Sunday.

All in all, a really fun, fantastic weekend of racing. Savage always does a great job and their obstacles are very very good. They have a strong variety and keep adding new ones each year (the very last one in the videos is new this year).

I also got to see some OCR friends, and meet lots of new ones out there which is a big part of the fun!

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Joel Hayes (Article Author)

Instagram: joelsphayes Luke Hayes

Instagram: lukejshayes

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