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Poll Says Mericle Places 2nd, Killian Takes 3rd at the 2019 Spartan World Championship This Weekend.

We wanted to see who OCR athletes THINK will take the top 3 positions at the Spartan World Championship race this weekend in Tahoe.

2018 Spartan World Championship Podium

We put out a poll last week, and are now providing the results of that poll. Keep in mind, these are not our predictions, just what a small sample size of OCR athletes said. Enjoy!

Top 3 Female Finisher Poll Results:

1st: Lindsay took the votes for the #1 Spot by a wide margin. The runner up in the voting was Nicole Mericle with just 10% saying she'd take 1st place.

2nd: In second place, Nicole stole the show. 60% think that she'll end up with the Silver Medal. Interestingly enough, the runner up in second place voting was Webster with 15% of the votes.

3rd: 3rd place was more of a mixed bag. 30% of voters think Rea will grab 3rd place. Last year's 2nd place winner, Rebecca Hammond, earned only 20% of the votes for 3rd place.

Top 3 Male Finisher Poll Results:

1st: The polling was quite spread here. The majority of those polled, 25%, think that Ryan Atkins will get his first Spartan World Championship at Spartan this year. The runners up in the voting for 1st place saw a tie between Robert Killian and Johnny Luna-Lima. Both athletes received 20% of the votes.

2nd: Oddly enough, 35% of those polled think that Ryan Atkins will take another 2nd place finish at Tahoe; something he's done multiple times in the past. There was another tie for runner up at 2nd place. Jon Albon and Ryan Woods each took 15% of the votes.

3rd: Voters are projecting a 3rd place finish for the second year in a row for Robert Killian. 25% expect him to finish right where he did last year. Once again, we have a tie at runner up for 3rd place. Woods and Albon each with 15% of votes.

Who do you think will take the top spots in just a few days? Leave a comment below and let us know! If you're racing at Tahoe this weekend, stay warm, and have an amazing time!

P.S. Make sure you enjoy the views at the tops of the climbs - they are glorious!


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