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OCR Athletes: Are you hitting a Plateau? Try This Workout to Gauge Your Progress

It's that time of year again - the time when the majority of people who started their New Year's Resolutions in January are now jumping off the ship. Most of the people that I have spoken with say that they quit because they aren't seeing results anymore.

The main reason for this is: lack of knowledge/variety with workout programs. People find a workout routine on the internet and for the first few weeks they see some solid changes, but after 6 weeks or so, their muscles adapt and their minds get bored. This brings about the dreaded plateau. And of course, who is going to keep working out if they aren't seeing results?  

Dumbbell Snatch

Well, it's time to switch it up! Screw the plateau and screw giving up! You've made it this far, so keep going! I made this workout for OCR athletes to help switch up their routines and help break through plateaus.  

There are a few simple rules/guidelines.

  1. Start a timer at the beginning of the workout and keep it running the entire time; even through every break and transition. You are going to record your total time.

  2. The weight for the Snatch should be heavy enough that by the time you reach 15 reps, you are really struggling. Not struggling with the form, but the difficulty.  

  3. Do whatever height you can for the box jumps. Again, it should be difficult, but your form should still be great. 


1 mile run

30 burpees

1,500m row 

30 box jumps 

1 mile @ 15% incline

15X each side dumbbell snatch

25 calories air bike

20 rolling pushups 

1 mile run


Record your time and keep it for yourself as a tool to gauge your progress. I would recommend doing this workout once each month and comparing your times to see how you are progressing. 

Now, this is only one workout, so you will obviously need more than this. If you are interested in a full, customized, workout program, please reach out to myself or my brother. We have over 12 years combined Personal Training/Coaching experience and truly believe in the value of full customization in training programs. We'll meet you where you are as an individual and help you to reach the goals you have set for yourself. There are no equipment requirements and we'll work with your schedule.

Visit for more information and to sign up!

Luke Hayes (Article Author)

Instagram: lukejshayes

Joel Hayes 

Instagram: joelsphayes 

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