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Awesome Athletes in OCR - Travis Green

A huge part of Obstacle Course Racing is the community. OCR is a community of support and encouragement before, during, and after a race. We started the "Awesome Athletes in OCR" series to to shine a light on some of the athletes who are part of making the OCR community so great.

Without further ado, Travis Green!


What is your favorite obstacle at any event? If you can't decide on one, list one of your favorites:

My favorite obstacle is any variation on the rig. I love the Monkey Bars, Twister, Beater, or any combination of those. It brings back the nostalgia of being a kid.

How old are you?


How many Obstacle Course Races have you run in the last 2 years?

I ran 7 races in 2018 and had 18 planned for 2019 but a couple calf injuries reduced that to 9.

What is your fitness background?

I honestly don’t have much of a fitness background. I played a few recreational sports growing up but the party life took over once I reached my mid teens.

How long have you been training for OCR?

I ran my first OCR race in 2017, the Charlotte Savage Race. Prior to that I had never run a single mile in my life. That was quickly followed by the Asheville Spartan and the fire was lit.

How have you stayed motivated to keep training during lock down/race cancellations?

Not being able to race has left a competitive void, but for the typical AG racer the off season is typically minimal. I’ve enjoyed taking the time to try and improve all areas of weakness. Although I enjoy the competition from my fellow racers, I’m really competing to be the absolute best version of myself. For that I don’t need any motivation.

What is your overall motivation to train for OCR and working out in general?

I really want to see what my body is capable of. Starting racing at 39 yrs old with no running background is not ideal, but I’ve embraced the challenge. I love showing people that age is not the limiting factor society sees it as. As I’ve worked hard physically and mentally it’s had a positive impact on all aspects of my life.

At how many races have you placed in the top 10?

My top 10 finishes haven’t been that plentiful. However, I have managed to grab one win at Bonefrog, a 3rd place finish at Terrain Race, and a couple Spartan top 10 finishes. I think overall 8.


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What are some of your go to exercises and workouts when you don't have access to equipment?

The Murph Wod minus the runs has been a staple since gyms closed. Body weight exercises aren’t glamorous but are severely underrated. If you hammer pull ups, push ups, and squats you’re guaranteed to see positive results. 

What is one obstacle that you have gotten tripped up on several times? I guess the easy answer would be the Spear. My percentage increased greatly after building a target and spear to train with though. I’ve never failed the Z-Wall but it gives me the most anxiety. Not sure why.

Is there any athlete in OCR that you look up to and take inspiration from? If so, who?

Without a doubt, hands down, Cole Derosa. He’s simply the AG standard and the first real friend I made coming in OCR.

Which OCR athlete would you MOST like to beat at an OCR, and why?

Cole would have to be the answer to this as well. He is far and away the best AG racer overall and like me is a Masters athlete. With all his success he manages to be the most humble guy in the sport as well. You can speak to him for 5 seconds though and you can feel his passion and fire radiate through. He’s the standard. On the pro side Atkins is phenomenal. He can line up at a Sprint and win or line up for an Ultra and destroy the field. Being well rounded is a goal of mine.

Would you still run races if they stopped giving out medals at the finish line?

In the beginning the medals meant a lot to me but as I’ve evolved they really mean no more to me than the banana handed out at the end. I’m going to battle with myself daily, and race day is just sort of the test for all the work. If I do well the satisfaction I get is reward enough and then it’s on to the next goal.

Would you rather run an OCR on a nice, sunny, cool day in perfect conditions on "sound" terrain OR a muddy course on a rainy, hot day with wet obstacles and "harsh" terrain?

Ideally sunshine and blue skies but I’m not the fastest runner. All the variables are what equalizes the sport and require a more well rounded athlete. Give me all the elements, and may the best man win.

What's your favorite thing about Obstacle Course Racing? If you can't choose one thing, list a few of your top things.

My favorite thing aside from the amazing people is just the parallels to life. You go through highs and lows. You can be sailing along and an obstacle hits you from nowhere. You can have the best laid plan but something unexpected knocks you down and you have to problem solve on the fly. The feeling you get when you cross the line is hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it. It definitely translates well into everyday life.

What type of post-race guy are you? Flip flop guy, or shoes and socks guy?

I can’t get my shoes off quick enough. Flops all day! 

If you could run an OCR ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be?

I had planned on running the Ultra in Hawaii but COVID had other ideas. I will definitely make it there one day.

What is the number one exercise or workout you think has helped you the most to train for OCR's (besides running)?

Any workout combination that maxes the heart rate out and allows it to come down a little and ramps back up. During a race it’s about hitting the pain cave but being able to relax and think while approaching and completing obstacles and then redlining again.

What is the best tip you could give someone who is about to do their first OCR?

I could give a ton of tips, but gear is crucial. I ran my first Savage race in cut off sweatpants and Nike Flyknit shoes. Needless to say that was a rough day. May sure all clothing discards water quickly and shoes have great grip and drain well.

Finally, what is the race that you have missed doing the most in 2020?

I absolutely loved the Colorado race in 2019. I was probably looking forward to it the most. I love the outdoors and trails and Colorado has some of the most amazing scenery in the country. The whole culture around the state is one of being active. 

Huge thanks to Travis for sharing a little about his life in OCR! If you're looking for another awesome person in OCR to follow on Instagram, his handle is: @travis_green_7


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